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Visa instructions for applicants

Representation of Finland in West Africa

If you are a citizen of, or if you legally and permanently stay in one of the following countries, you are a customer of the Embassy of Finland in Abuja, Nigeria:

Cameroon,  Central Africa,  Chad,  Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) ,  Gabon,  Gambia,  Guinea,  Equatorial Guinea,  Ivory Coast,  Liberia,  Mali,  Mauritania,  Niger,  Nigeria,  Sierra Leone and Togo. 

If you are a citizen of, or if you legally and permanently stay in one of the following countries you may apply for a visa to Finland in the following Embassies, which represent Finland in visa matters:

Benin :

Burkina Faso:

  • Embassy of Belgium



  • Embassy of Portugal


  • Embassy of France

Instructions for applicants applying for visas to Finland in Nigeria

The visa applicants living in Nigeria should note, that the visas cannot be applied from the Honorary Consulate of Finland in Lagos. All applicants need to apply from the Embassy of Finland in Abuja.

You can apply for a visa, if the planned length of your stay in Finland is maximum  three months. If you plan to stay more than three months, you need to apply for a residence permit from Finnish Immigration through the Embassy of Finland Abuja. A Schengen visa can be granted for maximum of 90 days.

All visa applicants have to schedule an appointment well in advance. The visa can be applied earliest three months before the planned travel date and the visa application is valid for three months from the application date. All applicants will be interviewed and their fingerprints collected. Send your appointment request in English to: If a family member or friend (i.e. not applicant) is booking a time for a visa interview, a power of attorney has to be provided to the embassy. In case the applicant is late from the interview 30 minutes, the time will be cancelled and the visa fee will not be refunded.

The visa application processing fee must be paid to the Embassy bank account before an appointment date can be scheduled. The visa fee can be paid either in cash to any Standard Chartered bank in Nigeria, or via international money transfer to the Embassy bank account. More information on paying the visa processing fee is available on the Service fees and payment instructions section. The receipt of payment should be scanned and attached to the e-mail with which an appointment date is requested.

When you come to the Embassy for your personal appointmentyou must bring with you all the required original documents and one set of clear photocopies of all your documents attached to your visa application form, including bio-data page of passport. No advance emails (invitation letters, etc.)  can be sent concerning any visa application's attachments. The documents can only be presented at the time of personal interviews. If you send any requested documents without reference number to the Visa Section, the Embassy cannot guarantee that they are included in the visa processing, and those documents remain solely on your personal responsibility.

The processing time for a visa is a minimum of 14 days. During holiday seasons the time of processing depends on the number of applications received and it is wise to book the interview appointment as early as possible bearing in mind that visa can be applied earliest 3 months before the planned travel.

Required documents

The list of documents to be provided when the application is submitted differs between the different purposes of visit. The requirements can be found below in pdf format. All applicants should be prepared to provide more information and additional documents, when required by the Visa Section.

After the visa has been granted, the paid flight ticket must be presented.

The Schengen visa application form can be found on the website of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Below you can also find a sample of a filled out Schengen Visa application form.

pdfSample Schengen Visa Application Form

pdfRequired documents - Tourism

pdfRequired documents - Visiting family or friends

pdfRequired documents - Business

pdfRequired documents - Conference

pdfRequired documents - Research or training

pdfRequired documents - Official purposes

Health and travel insurance

Visa applicants are required to present the original health and travel insurance certificate when submitting the application. The insurance has to be valid in all Schengen countries for the whole duration of stay inside the Schengen area, and has to cover expenses caused by illness, accident, medical care and possible repatriation up to the amount of 30.000 Euro.

Please refer to Insurance companies accepted by Schengen countries

Additional documents requested by the Embassy and delivered separately after the interview appointment

At the visa interview the Embassy can request for other additional documents to support individual visa applications. When the visa applicant delivers those documents, the reference number must be mentioned on the delivery note. The visa reference number is given to each applicant at the time of personal interview by the visa reception.  If the reference number is not mentioned, there will be delay in processing.

The documents requested by the Embassy to support individual visa applications are kept by the Embassy for a maximum of two calendar years from the time of visa application date. After two years has passed the Embassy has no obligation to archive the applications and/or their attachments according to valid Finnish Government regulations and they will be destroyed. Before the two years' deadline is full the visa applicant needs to arrange the pick-up of the original documents either personally, by a duly authorized person on his/her behalf carrying a photo ID or by delivering a prepaid DHL envelope in advance to the Embassy.

Visa payment

The visa fee is non-refundable. Visa is free of charge for registered spouses of EU citizens, and for the children of EU citizens and for any children under 6 years of age. Also diplomatic and official passport holders need not pay the visa fee, when an official supporting verbal note is attached to the visa application concerned.

Please note that the Embassy does NOT grant visas for attending school entrance exams, job interviews or trial periods in connection with potential job contracts in Finland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about Schengen Visas.

pdfFrequently Asked Questions about Schengen Visas

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